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Beyond Compare 4.0.0 Beta 18746

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Von Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)

# Amazon S3
- Uploads now set the mime type automatically based on the file extension using Apache's mime.types database.
# Archives
- Fixed support for Unix mode, user, and group in .tar archives.
# Dropbox
- Clearing passwords now also affects Dropbox profiles.
# File Formats
- OS X/Linux: Fixed issues clicking the checkboxes next to the "Everything Else" list items in the File Formats dialog.
# Folder Compare
- Windows: File copies (not moves) will now be unbuffered when transferring files larger than 128MB to avoid filling the disk cache.
- Windows: Fixed progress bar display when in the "Refreshing..." or "Waiting..." state when using Windows Classic themeing.
- "Synchronize" preview now includes file color spots.
# Folder Merge
- Added "Take Left/Right and Open Next Difference" commands to file viewers.
- Added "Compare To Output" commands.
- Non-text file formats (hex/data/picture) will now open a read-only comparison view of that type rather than the text merge.
- Fixed merge action column visibility when the center folder is hidden.
- Fixed "Show right changes" filter to include conflicts.
- Fixed "Swap" display and filtering.
- Fixed conflict status when different files have been added on the left and right sides.
- Fixed images and other binary files showing as mergeable rather than conflicts.
- Fixed attempting to merge binary/image files so it reports a proper error message rather than silently failing.
- Fixed files incorrectly showing as mergeable when using a binary or CRC compare.
- Fixed "Deleted on both sides" when merging to output to show that it's already reconciled if there isn't a file in the output.
- Fixed folder merge delete icon coloring.
- Fixed files being incorrectly shown as mergeable after the center file has been removed.
- Fixed background coloring for deleted folders in folder merge.
- Added hourglass to folder merge actions column, and prevented column from filling prematurely.
- Windows: Fixed gray box appearing over viewer tab control when loading a saved workspace that had a folder merge in a background tab.
# Folder Sync
- The commands to change a file operation can now have keyboard shortcuts.
# Hex Compare
- Added "Format" toolbar button.
# Home View
- OS X: Fixed treeview and viewer buttons being disabled when opening the edit panel.
- Fixed session names in edit mode appearing behind the pin and close buttons.
# Installer
- Windows: Fixed automatic update intermittently warning that Beyond Compare was already running.
- Linux: Remove "apt-get update" from .deb package because it errors during upgrade.
# Misc
- Additional color tweaks.
- Fixed drag & drop of MTP devices and top-level storage (e.g. SD cards).
- Fixed pasting registration keys from Outlook when they don't include the header/footer lines.
# Picture Compare
- Added "Format" toolbar button.
- Fixed content-based detection of Windows bitmap files with v4 or v5 headers.
# Text Views
- OS X: Improved default color for line numbers and gutter selection lines.
- Linux: Fixed missing UTF-8/Unicode items in character set dropdown lists.
# Text Merge
- Removed "Center taken background" color option. Center text in the output now follows the "same" coloring.
- Fixed synchronizing the current line between editors after changing the display filters.
# Crashes
- Fixed folder merge crash when the comparison includes items that only exist in the output folder.
- OS X: Fixed crash when changing a report body or title font.