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# Improved:
* Antivirus Engine:
- RAR 5 archives support
- Unicode support to RAR5 module added.
- Make CIS AV update process lighter on system resources & optimization merging of AV-bases
- Support new 7-zip version
# Fixed:
- Wrong AV alert appears for sandboxed malware on Modern Theme
- During first update of AV database in Quick Scan, 'COMODO Internet Security has stopped working' message appears.
- File is launched out of Sandbox after copy from 'temp' folder to the Desktop
- LNK-file can execute any program with trusted installer's privileges
- Interpreters are not recognized by path
# New:
* New File Rating list:
- Possibility to define custom file rating in parallel with Comodo rating
- File Details dialog with Comodo information
* New File Group:
- Management and Productivity Applications
* Sandbox:
- File Age filter in Auto-Sandbox rules
- "Ignore any Metro app" rule in Auto-Sandbox
- Option to switch off “Created By” and “Origin” sources tracking (ADS creation omitted)
* New Alert Sound
- New Audio for alerts
# Managing Viruscope state from main UI and Widget
# Active Processes List task in Tasks pane
* Upgrade
- New upgrade button option on UI
* Multi-Language support
- Vietnamese language support
- Romanian language support
* Supported OS
- Windows10 Tech Preview Support