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GPU-Z 0.8.0

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Von techPowerUp  (Freeware)

* Added full support for GeForce GTX 970/980
* Fixed BIOS saving on NVIDIA Maxwell GPUs
* Fixed GPU memory usage sensor on Windows 8/8.1
* Fixed system hang when playing video on systems with Hawaii GPU
* Fixed system stuttering on CrossFire with ULPS active
* Added support for AMD Radeon R5 M240, R5 M255, FirePro W2100, W4100, W8100, FireStream 9270, FirePro 2450
* Added support for NVIDIA Quadro K420, K620, K2000D, K2200, K4200, K5200
* Added support for missing Haswell Mobile GPU variant
* Added preliminary support for AMD Topaz GPU
* AMD Tonga: Fix ROP count, shader count, die size, transistors, product name
* Fixed broken HD 7990 detection
* Fixed OpenCL detection on some ATI/AMD cards
* Added support for PerfCap sensor reason: SLI GPUBoost Synchronization