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KeePass 1.27

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Von KeePass  (Open Source)

# New Features:
- Password text boxes now use a monospace font.
- The 'Find in this Group' function now also searches in subgroups of the selected group.
- {OPERA} placeholder: updated detection code to also support the latest versions of Opera.
- Enhanced Internet Explorer detection.
- Added high resolution version of the KeePass application icon.
# Improvements:
- Improved realization of the {CLEARFIELD} command (now using Bksp instead of Del, in order to avoid Ctrl+Alt+Del issues on newer Windows systems).
- When the option 'Enable auto-type features' is deactivated, the global auto-type hot key is not registered anymore.
- Improved quoted app paths parsing.
- Font handling improvements.
- Various files (e.g. 'History.txt') are now encoded using UTF-8.
- Improved build system.
- Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.55.0.
- Various UI text improvements.
- Various code optimizations.
- Minor other improvements.