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KeePass 1.28

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Von KeePass  (Open Source)

# New Features:
* The estimated password quality (in bits) is now displayed on the quality progress bar, and right of the quality progress bar the length of the password is displayed.
* Pattern-based password generator: the '^' character now removes the next character from the current custom character set (for example, [a^y] contains all lower-case alphanumeric characters except 'y').
* In the cases where Windows would display outdated thumbnail and peek preview images for the main window, KeePass now requests Windows to use a static bitmap instead (showing only the KeePass logo).
* While saving a database, a shutdown block reason is now specified.
# Improvements:
* Improved input control focusing in the master key dialog after displaying a validation error message.
* When duplicating an entry, the last modification time is now copied from the source entry.
* Improved window message relaying when KeePass is minimized to tray.
* Upgraded installer.
* Upgraded to Boost libraries version 1.56.0.
* Various code optimizations.
* Minor other improvements.
# Bugfixes:
* Key provider plugins are now remembered correctly (if the option 'Remember key sources' is enabled).