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LibreOffice 5.0.0 RC 4

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# Bugs fixed:
- missing shape bg color
- uninitialized scalar field
- comply attributes name with
- FILESAVE: Pictures on buttons, created in forms, gone after reopening form
- Meta: Enhancing Impress/Draw toolbars and context menu
- EDITING - Calc Function suggestion too agressive
- Extend ODF to support some special scientific formats
- xlsx formula not importing correctly, with Table structured references in named expressions and MATCH lookup array creation
- Style preview in "Styles and Formatting" sidebar should be optional
- JRE defective message unless user installs Visual C++ 2010 runtimes
- UI: No bold headings in dialogues
- GetImplementationName method returns rather than SwXTextDocument as before
- First letter selection by keyboard in combo boxes doesn't work
- CRASH - when autmatically launching table creation wizard after registration of database
- Adding new record in table duplicates values in previous field
- Missing shape color (PPT)