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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5.7

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# Features
* Updates to Synced Collections:
- Synced collections now show a more prominent share button at the top of the Toolbar. This allows you to quickly share your synced collection with friends, family, and clients using Lightroom web (
- Comments and likes left on Lightroom web now sync to the Lightroom desktop catalog. Comments and Likes will be shown in the “Comment” panel for synced collections.
- Images with comments and likes will display a badge indicating that there are comments and a coloured badge to indicate that there are unread comments.
# Bugs Corrected in Lightroom 5.7
* The crop overlay displayed an intermediate step when progressing through images in the filmstrip with overlay displayed.
* The lens profile for the Canon EF 16-35mm f/4 would not auto-select when using Lens Profile Corrections.
* ICC profiles resulted in incorrectly clipped shadows and blacks in Lightroom. Note that this is related to the issue identified here and only occurs on Mac OSX 10.9 and later
* Fixed crash when rapidly adding corrections with the Spot Removal tool.
* Improved quality of Camera Matching colour profiles for the Nikon D810. Fixes visible banding issues with the Camera Standard, Camera Vivid, Camera Landscape, and Camera Monochrome profiles.
* Context menu (right click on PC or control+click on Mac) was disabled for images contained in Lightroom mobile collections.
* Fixed issue that prevented Lightroom 5 from reading Photoshop Elements 13 libraries.
* Cover images set by Lightroom mobile were sometimes incorrectly reset by Lightroom desktop.
* Sync with Lightroom mobile sometimes stalled when asset is added to same album on both LrM and LrD and later deleted
* Resolved issue that caused Lightroom to crash when creating a Print and saving it to a mounted DVD directly inside Lightroom.
* Publishing images to Behance using the Behance Publish Service has been restored.