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Macrium Reflect 6.0.482

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# Bug Fixes:
* Upgrade from v5 rescue media issue
- After upgrading from Macrium Reflect v5 the rescue media Wizard would not prompt to upgrade to v6 rescue media. It was necessary to click the 'Rebuild' button. this has been resolved.
* Windows PE prompt for XML file when cloning
- When cloning using the Windows PE rescue media, Reflect would incorrectly prompt to save an XML definition file. this has been resolved.
* Technicians portable USB stick issue
- The Technicians portable version of Macrium Reflect would build a 'Trial' version of the rescue media. This has been resolved.
* v5 upgrade of XML definition
- A v5 XML definition would incorrectly use the global v6 retention defaults if DSM was disabled in v5. This has been resolved.