Download Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

Maxthon Cloud Browser

Von Maxthon International Ltd  (Freeware)

- Add download progress display in the toolbar.
# Bug fixes:
- When adding a shortcut, our users fill in nothing but still show the current command.
- After deleting the subscription list, it displays again when refreshing the page.
- Login exception in web Skype.
- Copy the address bar and it will display the standard URL Format.
- Web content displays overlapped, several custom fonts in Materials Icons display errors.
- The count value is same, but cannot complete last input value automatically.
- In the password input box of ftp login page, the translation of right click menu is wrong.
- The tag title keeps flashing on Thinksns website.
- The website did not get a certificate.
- For the Japanese language setting, part of the language under notepad delete notepad interface.
- After setting the width of reading view, the width value can change if you re-enter the reading view.
- When focusing on the search box, the shortcut key is invalid.
- After locking the browser, unlock interface has no translation.
- Re-entering the shortcut key for locking the browser cannot work.
- Search plugins display overlapped on Google CSE.

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