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MediaPortal 1.3.0

Von Team MediaPortal  (Open Source)
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* New Skins
* Enhancements to the skin engine and more skin features
- Skin themes
- New menubutton control
- Skin settings
- TV guide genre/custom colouring
* Native Blu-ray Support
* Perfectly Smooth Video Playback with MediaPortal Audio Renderer
* Enhanced out of the box experience and improvements to codec configuration
* "Settings" inside MediaPortal is a lot easier
* Big rework of My Videos Many new features and enhancements are included. Some highlights:
- Folders view screen
- Database view screen
- Movie info screen
- Actor info screen (new screen works only if movie info have IMDBid, otherwise old screen will be visible)
- Configuration + Scan
- Fanart support rework for database movies
* Text file support in Videos
* Windows 8 Support