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MediaPortal 1.4.0

Von Team MediaPortal  (Open Source)
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- [Music] FF and REW produces wrong result with standard BASS Player
- [Music] GetStreamTags() has been removed as part of BASS Rework by accident
- [Music] Wrong error message on thumbs create during music folder scan
- [Skin Engine] Bump skin version number to
- [MediaPortal 1] In the event of an incompatible skin (or MP Debug Mode) use Titan instead of DefaultWide
- [Configuration] The 'Edit Skin Settings' button is not anchored correctly
- [MediaPortal 1] MediaPortal cannot be restored from system tray if context menu is open
- [Configuration] Sort order of TV audio and subtitle languages isn't saved
- [general] Bump MediaPortal version to and also change display version to 'MediaPortal 1.4.0'
- [MediaPortal 1] Change default log level to 'information'
- [Videos] Some video extensions missing from default list
- [Skin Engine] up/down buttons in music&video playlist lose focus once used
- [Pictures] Random slideshow in pictures can repeat some pictures and miss others
- [Pictures] Random slide show repeats images
- [Pictures] Exiting random Slideshow will select wrong picture
- [Radio] Starting playback of Radio webstream (while radio is playing) stops playback
- [Titan Skin] Add wikipedia support in Titan
- [Audio player] Internet Radio Stream has to be selected twice
- [Titan Skin] Missing search speed info in video OSD.
- [Titan Skin] Teletext is not fullscreen
- [Pictures] Pictures currentSlideIndex resetting to -1
- [MediaPortal 1] Log verbosity does not get respected and is always set to 'Debug'
- [Configuration] The option 'Delay startup for xx seconds' isn't working anymore
- [Dynamic Refresh Rate] DRR 'default refresh rate' setting can be enabled without setting a value from the dropdown menu.
- [Configuration] Hostname is reset to empty string if TV server is not reachable
- [Default Skin] No theme background for MyVideos on BasicHome