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Von mIRC Co Ltd  ( Shareware )

* Changes:
- Fixed SendMessage() bug that prevented mIRC from processing incoming WM_MCOMMAND/WM_MEVALUATE messages correctly.
- Changed right-click popup menu item order for Treebar, Switchbar and Toolbar for common menu items so that they match.
- Added Switchbar font option to right-click popup menu.
- Changed Switchbar to display active window tab in a slightly different color when a background picture for the Switchbar is set.
- Changed tooltip display delay to use the Windows default tooltip display delay value.
- Changed Clear History feature to not delete some interface settings, such as font settings for Treebar, Switchbar, and Scripts Editor and background picture settings for Treebar, Switchbar, and Toolbar.
- Changed installer to default to upgrade mode if installing over an existing installation when using the /S silent option and added a /FULL command line option to force a full install.
- Fixed DNS resolution bug that would have returned incorrect results during multiple simultaneous DNS requests in rare contexts.
- Updated libraries to OpenSSL 1.0.1h.
- Added Lock dialog option to disable SendMessage. If cMethod value 16 is used for more useful error messages, returns 64 to indicate SendMessage is disabled. You can use $lock(sendmessage) to check if it is disabled.
- Extended mouse wheel to work in interface elements, such as list boxes in dialogs, under the cursor even if they are not active.
- Added /comlist command to list open com objects.
- Added $servertarget identifier to return address specified in the /server command, which may not be the same as $server.
- Added /play -x switch to treat the first line in the file as plain text even if it is a number.
- Fixed custom dialog listbox with checkboxes not working correctly on Windows 8 tablet touch screens.