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mIRC 7.22

Von mIRC Co Ltd  (Shareware)
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* The Alt/AltGr keys should now work correctly for users with different keyboard layouts.
* The "Minimize to tray" option now defaults to off under Windows 7 due to the way Windows 7 hides all tray icons by default.
* The Channel Central dialog has been changed so that it can now be resized.
* The /list command issue with min/max values not working on some networks has been fixed.
* Added "Use compatibility mode" option to SSL dialog, which defaults to on. If turned off, OpenSSL will use the "empty fragment" feature which may make your connection more secure at the expense of less compatibility with some SSL servers.
* The /dns command issue with results not being shown when a non-existent nickname is specified has been fixed.
* The tray icon issue with mouse clicks not working in some situations has been fixed
* The /timer -h recursion issue should now be resolved.
* Other changes and bug fixes.