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Apache OpenOffice 4.0.0

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# New Features and Enhancements
* New Sidebar
* Interoperability Improvements
- Text Documents
- Presentation Documents
- Spreadhseet Documents
- OOXML general
* DrawObject Improvements/Enhancements
- New Color Palette
- New Gradients
* New Gallery Themes and Gallery enhancements
- Gallery themes added from Symphony.
- Enhancements to existing Gallery
- Refined the Selection Handles User Interface
- Refined Selection Visualization
- Better Print Preview
- Enhanced conversion to Bitmap Graphics
- Enhanced FillType 'Bitmap'
- Enhanced Copy/Paste
- Enhanced Drag&Drop
- Adapt LineStart/End to LineWidth
- SVG Export enhancements
- SVG/Metafile Break improvements
- SVG Import improvements
- Picture Crop mode offers preview
- Unified visualization of ColorPalette popups
- Transparency support for pixel formats (PNG)
- Connectors support rotation
- Corrected Hatch fill style visualization
- Better gradient support in metafiles
# Calc and Chart Improvements/Enhancements
* Support relative Pie Chart Height
* New Functions
- Calc now supports the spreadsheet functions: AVERAGEIFS, COUNTIFS, and SUMIFS.
- Calc now supports the function XOR.
- Calc now supports the functions LEFTB, RIGHTB, LENB, and MIDB.
- Calc's RAND function was reimplemented to use the Mersenne-Twister algorithm.
* Extensions Improvements/Enhancements
- New Toolbar management
- Unified menu API
* Performance Improvements/Enhancements
- Many resource leaks were fixed.
- Speedup of Graphic Rendering
# Additional Language Support
* New translations available:
- Greek
- Portuguese
- Tamil
# Improved Quality Management Tools
* New Automated Testing Framework
- BVT (Basic Verification Tests)
- FVT (Functional Verification Tests)
- PVT (Performance Verification Tests)
- SVT (System Verifcation Tests)
# Changes that Impact Backwards Compatibility
* Module binfilter removed
* Python support updated
* Support for system C++ STL
# Bug Fixes
* Important bug fixes have been made in these areas:
- Support for Java 7, and the Java Access Bridge v2.0.3 implemented in JRE 1.7u6 and later has been restored.
- Windows OS users requiring Accessibility support for Assistive Technology tools can now use current Oracle releases of the Java SE 7 Runtime Environment and the Java Accessibility API on Windows.