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PeaZip 3.8.0

Von Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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* (Windows) 7z updated to 9.22 beta
* Pea 0.36

* Added a constant switch COMPQT to fix some visual and functional problems compiling the application for Qt on Linux, default is 0, if experiencing problems with the compiled binary set it to 1 for better results on Qt on Linux

* Added write support for WIM and XZ formats
* Added context menu handlers for right button drag and drop operation from application to system
- from file browser: move, copy, extract, extract in new folder
- from within archives: extract selected here, extract all here (both also in new folder)
* Added "Extract all to..." button on toolbar
* Fixed adding files to existing archives through "Add" procedure
* Fixed updating archive content in application window bar after delete operations
* Fixed browsing files with .bz extension and its variants
* Fixed creating new folder if folder with same name exists, in extraction and archive conversion
* Fixed restoring archive content in application window bar after exiting "Extract" procedure
* Fixed show correct path in the breadcrumb when opening and empty or non readable archive
* Various minor fixes

* Used InnoSetup ANSI version to keep compatibility with 9x systems

# 133 file extensions supported (improved support for .bz2 variants; .ipa files)