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PeaZip 3.9.1

Von Giorgio Tani  (Open Source)
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- Fewer FreeArc's SFX modules are now embedded by default: arc-tiny.linux.sfx, freearc.sfx, freearc-installer.sfx, freearc-tiny.sfx. If needed, other self extracting modules can still be downloaded from FreeArc's official website for free.
- Main executables are no longer compressed with UPX, resulting in a bit larger disk occupation (about 7MB) but smaller installer (about 1.5 MB) and less RAM usage (each instance does no longer need to be uncompressed in memory to run)
- If it is critical to reduce disk occupation, executables can be compressed with UPX through PeaZip itself

- Added history popup menu rightclicking on refresh button in address bar
- Added search history popup menu rightclicking on search button in address bar
- Changed low contrast text color to avoid it being the same color of default form color in Classic Windows theme for Vista/7
- Minor fixes

- Fixed speed calculation for jobs lasting past midnight

- 64 bit version has now WIN64 in application name
- New icons for most common archive formats 7Z, RAR and ZIP/ZIPX