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phpMyAdmin 4.2.6

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- Undefined index warning with referenced column.
- $cfg['MaxExactCount'] is ignored when BROWSING is back
- Multi Column sorting (improved user experience)
- Server validation does not work while in setup/mysqli
- Undefined variable when grid editing a foreign key column
- Undefined variable Error
- Sorting breaks the copy column feature
- Javascript error when renaming table
- 'New window' link (selflink) disappears, causing Javascript error
- Incorrect detection of privileges for routine creation
- First few characters of database name aren't clickable when expanded
- [security] XSS injection due to unescaped table comment
- [security] XSS injection due to unescaped table name (triggers)
- [security] XSS in AJAX confirmation messages
- [security] Missing validation for accessing User groups feature