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Sandboxie 3.34

Von Sandboxie  (Freeware)
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New Features:

* Translation to French, contributed by Mr Anonyme.

* DropMyRights-like feature: Sandbox Settings > Restrictions > Drop Rights

* Colored borders feature: Sandbox Settings > Appearance

* Support for JAWS and Windows-Eyes: Sandbox Settings > Applications > Accessibility


* Performance improvements for sandboxed programs.

* A forced Internet Explorer displayed an Open/Save popup window, when an Internet shortcut icon was clicked. The Open/Save window no longer appears.

* Sandboxed Windows Explorer can "paste" files that were "copied" outside the sandbox.

* Fixed a problem that prevented sandboxed applications from switching to full screen on Windows Vista.

* Fixed a problem when running Windows Live Mail sandboxed on Windows Vista.

* And many other smaller issues were resolved.