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Tag&Rename 3.9

Von Softpointer Inc.  (Kommerzieller Test)
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- added "Resize Files Cover Art" and "Resize Folders Cover Art" function to "Tools" menu
- added "Delete folder cover art" button to "Folder cover art" panel
- added "Tags cover art resizing" options to program options -> Tags
- added "Set tag image as folder cover art" button to "File cover art" panel
- added "Set This Image as a Folder Cover Art" button to "Folder cover art" panel (visible only when "Show first existing image in "Folder cover art" if folder.jpg does not exists" enabled and current image file is not a folder.jpg)
- added "Delete Folder Cover Art from All Selected Folders" function to "Tools" menu
- added "Retry" button to tag saving error message, so it is now possible to retry tag saving if file is locked by other application
- added Opus files support
- added Sampling Rate, Bit Depth and Encoder files and folders rename variables
- added "Random Sort Order" option to main menu -> View
- cover art search URL in Tag Editor and CDDB/Web Import now can be customized in program options -> Web Import -> Cover art search URL
- added bit depth, cover art size, cover art dimensions, cover art format and tag version files list columns