Download TeamSpeak Client 3.0.0 Beta 31 (64-bit)

TeamSpeak Client 3.0.0 Beta 31 (64-bit)

Von TeamSpeak Systems GmbH  (Nicht-kommerzielle Freeware)
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- Handle server error when client version is too old for this server by telling the user why the connection failed and offer an automatic client update.
- User context menu in poke dialog now opens by clicking mouse left or right
- When opening a filebrowser dialog and its geometry is beyond desktop, it will be moved to the upper left corner to not get lost.
- Added clientquery- sendtextmessage will open chattab when partner not in view
- Added that complains can be removed with DEL- key and also forced when holding SHIFT- key (will suppress the confirmation dialog)
- Fixed "database empty result" when entering empty directory
- Fixed "database empty result" when client-/server group has no permission set
- Fixed opening empty filebrowser
- Fixed two clicks needed to deactivate glancebutton if subscribed to channel with clients inside
- Fixed possible broken filetransfer stats at the end when overwriting files
- Fixed that playback- and hotkey profile can't be activated on active tab via self menu when tab didn't get activated by mouse click
- Fixed bbCode URLs in Hostmessage dialog, which were not clickable
- Fixed showing an empty complain list when removing fails
- Fixed a minor issue with 'drag & drop' in Bookmarks Manager
- Fixed identities with "Umlauts" which weren't converted correctly
- Fixed "Connection Info" menuitem in "Self" menu being deactivated when online and activated when offline. Fixed possible crash when closing client with connectioninfo dialogs open.
- Reworked application shutdown mechanism to avoid corrupt configuration files