Download Thunderbird 45.0


Von Mozilla Organization  (Open Source)

# New
- Add a Correspondents column combining Sender and Recipient
- Much better support for XMPP chatrooms and commands.
- Remote content exceptions: Improved options to add exceptions.
- Implement option to always use HTML formatting to prevent unexpected format loss when converting messages to plain text.
- Use OpenStreetmap for maps (even allow the user to choose from list of map services)
- Allow spell checking and dictionary selection in the subject line
- Allow editing of From when composing a message.
- Add dropdown in compose to allow specific setting of font size.
- Return/Enter in composer will now insert a new paragraph by default (shift-Enter will insert a line break)
- Allow copying of name and email address from the message header of an email
- Mail.ru supports OAuth authentication.
# Fixed
- Fixed: When sending e-mail which was composed using Chinese, Japanese or Korean characters, unwanted extra spaces were inserted within the text.
- Spell checker checked spelling in invisible HTML parts of the message.
- When saving a draft that is edited as new message, original draft was overwritten.
- External images not displayed in reply/forward
- Crashed in some cases while parsing IMAP messages.
- Properly preserve pre-formatted blocks in message replies.
- Copy/paste from a plain text editor lost white-space (multiple spaces/blanks, tabs, newlines)
- "Open Draft"/"Forward"/"Edit As New"/"Reply" created message composition with incorrect character encoding.
- Fixed: Grouped By view sort direction change was broken, plus enabled custom column grouping.
- Fixed: New emails into a mailbox did not adhere to sort order by received.
- Fixed: Box.com attachments failed to upload.
- Fixed: Drag and drop of multiple attachments failed to OS file folder.
- XMPP had connection problems for users with large rosters

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