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Von Azureus  (Open Source)

* FEATURE: UI | Added option to use quick-view rather than 'launch' when double-clicking files
* FEATURE: UI | Tag Discoveries
* FEATURE: UI | Use of ctrl+<space> in download save location field now shows auto-complete suggestions
* FEATURE: UI | History size of saved download locations now configurable
* FEATURE: UI | Added option in torrent options dialog to remove top level folder in multi-file torrents
* FEATURE: UI | RSS subscriptions can now be added via search box
* FEATURE: UI | Added 'Tag groups' to allow more control over tag order in the sidebar
* FEATURE: UI | Tag buttons in Library views now obey visility settings
* FEATURE: UI | Option to only show tag buttons in the complete section of the Library views
* FEATURE: UI | Ability to set short-cut accelerators on a per-config panel basis
* FEATURE: UI | Optional 'selected download' aggregate up/down rates in Library header
* FEATURE: UI | Console UI commands for subscriptions
* FEATURE: UI | Console UI commands for tags
* FEATURE: Core | Added ability set an explicit share ratio to help control seeding rules
* FEATURE: Core | Option to prevent local tracker host DNS resolution when using SOCKS
* FEATURE: Core | Added 'hasNet' to tag constraint language
* FEATURE: Core | Speed limit handler ip-sets renamed to peer-sets and now support tags and networks
* FEATURE: Core | Support for setting upload and download speeds to 'disabled'
* CHANGE: UI | Brazilian Portuguese translation update
* CHANGE: UI | Most http links in the UI now have copy-to-clipboard menu option
* CHANGE: UI | Personal share menu enable/disable state not calculated for large torrents due to resource cost
* CHANGE: UI | Automatic renaming oftorrents who's top level folder has changed is now optional
* CHANGE: UI | Prevent disabled sub-rows from being expanded in Library
* CHANGE: Core | Ignore low-noise downloads when considering 'close on download complete' action
* CHANGE: Core | Option to remove low-noise downloads from RSS Feeds
* CHANGE: Core | Handle null-content type being returned by some borked feeds
* BUGFIX: Core | Fixed 100% CPU bug in search code
* BUGFIX: Core | Tags weren't being propagated from subscriptions to downloads correctly
* BUGFIX: Core | Fix meta-data download over LT which was causing first peer to be ignored
* BUGFIX: Core | Fixed fast-extension exploit that could be used to waste seeding bandwidth
* BUGFIX: Core | Rotating bloom filters weren't being reset correctly
* BUGFIX: Core | Remove some DNS leaks