Download Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3381

Winamp 5.70 Full Beta 3381

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Von Nullsoft  (Freeware)

- Added "Above Normal" priority mode in General Preferences
- Changed e.g. GiB to GB (to match OS & other players)
- Added a "Winamp Labs" view in the ML for Beta builds only (w.i.p.) (currently always forced to the top, though this was added quickly yesterday and isn't set in stone)
- [ml_playlists/ml_cloud/ml_pmp] Cloud playlist support
- [cloud] Added a "Sign-In" (account) node in ML (w.i.p.)
- [cloud] Database optimizations (please wait for 'First Pull Completed' message before using Cloud features)
- [cloud/pmp] Added a basic 'Retry Mode' for failed/cancelled cloud transfers
- [ml_cloud/playlist.w5s] Generate a playlists.xml.backup file incase of any issues with playlists.xml
- [ml_local] Store the art db files in plugins\ml\art
- [ml_wire/ml_downloads] Store feeds.xml & rss.xml (and backup files) in plugins\ml\feeds
- [vis_milk2] Moved settings files to Plugins\Milkdrop2 (note that any already-existing settings are moved on first milkdrop run)
- Installer Changes
> Fixed minimum version required message (from Win 2k to XP)
> Install jnetlib.dll with all plugins that use nde.dll
> Updated uninstaller to match all recent settings storage changes
- Fixed: Alt+3 Artwork crash with broken/corrupt embedded art
- Fixed: [ml_disc] Creation of 0 byte trk*.tmp files and associated crash on some systems (waiting for confirmation of the crash fix & that it hasn't created any other issues)
- Fixed: [ml_local] Recently Modified not being auto-translated correctly
- Fixed: [ml_wire] convert spaces to %20 in badly formed feeds
- Fixed: [pmp_cloud] Plug-in name string
- Fixed: [vis_avs/dsp_sps] Added missing version info
- Fixed: Various crash fixes from crash reports
- Various other tweaks/fixes/optimizations
- Updated: [libFLAC] FLAC 1.3.0pre4
- Updated: [zlib.dll] zlib 1.2.8