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WinSCP 5.5.5

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# Changes -
- TLS/SSL core upgraded to OpenSSL 1.0.1i. Fixing several moderate severity security defects.
- Workaround for ProFTPD/mod_sftp bug in SFTP space-available packet
- Using Reverses Order of Symlink Command Arguments workaround for ProFTPD/mod_sftp.
- Workaround for Vandyke VShell incorrect announcement of checksum calculation support.
- Improved detection if user shall be offered external editor auto configuration.
- Showing error details when logging to a file fails.
- Bug fix: If an INI file name is exactly winscp.ini, an INI file path on Preferences dialog is shown incorrectly.
- Bug fix: Failure when processing results of upload in .NET assembly when a directory was created with explicitly set permissions as the first operation.
- Bug fix: Keyboard accelerators to mask boxes on Edit file mask dialog were not working.
- Bug fix: Not possible to select/enter file name with Unicode characters in filename input boxes.
- Bug fix: Wrong “Timeout detected” message when FTP control connection is closed while transferring a file.
- Bug fix: Cannot retrieve file from root folder of FTP server.
- Bug fix: Mouse cursor of file list/directory tree splitter is not adjusted when Show directory tree left of file list preference option is enabled.