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ATI Catalyst Drivers 7.2

By AMD Inc  (Freeware)
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Catalyst" 7.2 introduces a brand new version of the Catalyst" Control Center for Windows XP. The new Catalyst" Control Center delivers a number of significant enhancements:
- Significant performance gains; Catalyst" Control Center start-up time has been substantially reduced, and overall responsiveness has improved.
- Reduced system resource usage
- New 3D preview which significantly improves the ability for users to understand the benefits of enabling the many Catalyst" features of their ATI Radeon" graphics accelerator
- Increased stability
- Native 32 and 64-bit support

Performance Improvements
- Open GL performance improves for all ATI Radeon" X1000 series products. Gains of up to 25% in Doom 3, 48% in Quake 4 and 21% in Prey can be seen on a variety of ATI Radeon" X1000 cards. These performance gains are noticed under the Windows Vista operating system.