Download Beyond Compare 4.1.0 Beta 20251

Beyond Compare 4.1.0 Beta 20251

By Scooter Software Inc  (Shareware)
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- Windows/Linux: Added 64-bit (x86-64) native installs, with support for significantly larger comparisons.
- Linux: Updated user interface to use Qt 4.8 instead of Qt 3.3.
- OS X/Linux: Added read/write support for .7z archives and read-only support for many additional types (.iso, .rar, .dmg, etc).
- Added support for .xz and .tar.xz archives.
- OS X: Added MP3 compare with playback support.
- Windows: Added support for Microsoft OneDrive.
- Windows: Comparing MS Excel spreadsheets (.xls/.xlsx) is now significantly faster and no longer requires Excel.
- OS X/Linux: Added support for MS Word documents (.doc/.docx).
- Linux: "PDF Documents" file format is now included by default.
- Linux: Find & Replace regular expression support is now based on PCRE.
- Windows: Added support for IPv6.
- Added support for 3-way merges in the "External" format.