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dBpowerAMP Music Converter 15

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* 64 bit version
* Has new configuration option to set location of temporary files (used for non-live DSP effects), new -tmpfolder="" option for CoreConverter.exe
* m4a album art reader able to read incorrectly written art (from MAX)
* m4a new FDK decoder is used
* Batch Converter no longer checks drives for content on load.
* new flac 1.3.0
* flac has rating tagging option of 0-5 0-10 and 0-100 ranges
* flac able to detect corrupted files without md5
* new Wavpack 4.70.0
* Monkeys Audio updated to 4.12
* mp3 decoder is able to read through stream errors
* mp3 id3 able to read and write TIPL (Involved People) and TMCL (Musician Credits)
* mp3 id3 tagger writes COMMENT ITUNNORM for ITUNNORM
* mp3 id3 fixed mapping of release time to release date
* mp3 tagger will auto upgrade id3v1 tag to id3v2 if storing album art
* Album Art (internet search) is able to search more art
* Added a new [origdrive] naming variable, can be used instead of 'To Folder' in Music Converter
* New Naming items [FRONTFOLDER] and [BACKFOLDER]
* New Naming option: [IF]tag,condition,match,stringmatch,stringnomatch[]
* Music Converter is more memory efficient with large number of tracks
* Music Converter dmc - if converting 3 files and have 16 cores, only shows 3 conversion lines
* Compatible with CUE Image Codec / DSP
* Multi-Encoder will enable multi-core encoding in CD Ripper
* Popup info tip is limited to 34 lines to stop the deletion dialog for Windows being off screen (top and bottom) transform codecs (mp3, etc) do not show sample depth
* Batch converter: only hides when Music Converter is ready to take over (previously with 100K tracks nothing would show whilst loading the tracks to music converter) batch converter: Refresh detects deleted folders
* All programs which write tags, now retries for longer
* CD Ripper
- musicbrainz album art supported
- musicbrainz multiple artist names supported
- new option 'ANSI (ISO-8859) Characters Only in Filename' on 'Filename Restricted Characters Page'
- allow review metadata page even if did not get from internet
- sort tags are now tied to a unsort tag (in that if perfectmeta chooses an element from amg, the corresponding sort tag would be used)
- on metadata review page new captialize button (just first char) next to smart cap
- new option to process fingerprints for accuraterip
* Bug Fixes
- m4a possible decoding deadlock / crash
- m4a able to read 24 bit ALAC files where the file is incorrectly indicated as both 16 bit and 24 bit
- m4a able to tag files with multiple trak chunks
- aiff tagger - was possible to write a blank tag to the file which had the incorrect size
- aiff tagger - writes unicode tags
- wave ID3 tagger would not read tags which were indicated of a less size
- was possible for encoding to lockup at 99% encoding (especially if using [multi-encoder])
- cd eject code would not function correctly on some systems, taking 16 seconds to complete
- core converter - a DSP effect removed the conversion will no longer silently fail
- CD Ripper would truncate the album tag if contained '; '
- CD Ripper if using File Name Restricted Characters to remove . from filename, the . for extension is no longer removed
- CD Ripper custom tags would replace saved edited custom tag from dbcache
- CD Ripper changing encoder or profile on 2nd CD ripper would effect first CD ripper

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