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dBpowerAMP Music Converter 14.4

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* Allows multi item tags to be stored in non standard fields, for example Arranger Item1; Item2 would be split when stored into FLAC
* m4a tagging could set an Explicit or other rating by mistake
* m4a tagging would display a title of 'ABC/DEF' as 2 split titles
* mp3 tagging, better compatibility for ANSI & date with year
* mp3 tagging, standard compliant behavior that most software does not support is now opt-in
* mp3 tagging lyrics mapping fixed
* mp3 tagging 'initial key' implemented
* new command line -sourceisfloat for coreconverter.exe (also allows multi-encoder to send floating point to an encoder)
* AIFF tagging fix (could indicate file was corrupted)
* FLAC tagging bug fix, was writing ';' for comment when had multi-lines
* FLAC tagging METADATA_BLOCK_PICTURE read as artwork (outside the flac tagging spec...)
* Bug Fixes
- [IF!EQUALS] was not working correctly
- Wave id3 tagging fix (where could write an extra byte to the end of the file, giving a warning on wave decode)
- Converting wave (LIST + id3 tagged file) >> wave would only write (id3 tag)
- m4a tag writer was inefficient when trying to trim a huge tag (image as base64, for example) down to the allowed 255 chars
- A badly corrupted FLAC file could cause the converter to terminate encode based on timeout, not reported errors
- CD ripper - if reading ISRC and was not present for a track, then track+1 would not have ISRC read either
- CD ripper, batch converter, would default their positions if moved to a certain display (on multi monitor systems)