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DC++ 0.791

By DC++  (Open Source)
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* Update translations
* Fav users frame becomes users frame and shows all users
* Experimental implementation of KEYP ADC extension
* Display the name of the device MiniUPnP has bound to
* Add NAT-PMP for port mappings as an alternative to UPnP
* Continue from the beginning after reaching the end of a file list when searching
* Report the progress of file list searches in the status bar
* Repurpose Ctrl+F to in-place searches in chat windows & file lists
* Better splitter resizing
* Prevent a stack overflow when searching within too big file lists
* Add finished downloads log
* Save and restore the current directory of file lists
* Move file list status bar buttons to the toolbar
* Faster startup with many tabs
* Reduce flickering when resizing
* Reorganize connectivity settings
* Port mappers respect the bind address
* Make more parts of the interface DPI-aware
* Resizable and scrollable settings dialog
* Remember the last settings page
* Fix focus problems in dialogs
* Fix Ctrl+W / Ctrl+F4 sometimes closing the wrong tab
* Fix transfers dying on setting upload/download throttle to 0
* Menus to adjust the bw limit from the tray menu & status bar
* Increase the max bandwidth limit from 32 MiB/s to 1 GiB/s
* More icons
* Add notifications via balloon popups and sound
* Fix taskbar tab previews when DC++ is elevated
* When holding shift at start, hubs are opened but not connected to
* Fix an integer overflow when starting a search 25 days after the previous one
* DC++ survives a Windows theme change better
* Remove the license page from the installer
* Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.0e
* Store crash reports in a CrashLog.txt file
* Improve "View as text" windows
* [ADC] Separate application and version in INF
* Modal dialog fixes
* Link with DEP and ASLR support
* Store the password (if available) using "Add to favorites"
* Fix queries in http downloads
* Update MiniUPnPc to version 1.6
* Initial IPv6 support
* Update boost to version 1.48
* COM initialization fix for the Windows UPnP mapper
* More accurate indexing time left calculation
* Switch to binary GeoIP databases, add the IPv6 one
* The country format can be customized, see help for available codes
* Handle GeoIP database updates from within the program
* ZLIF compression support
* Fix the "Close disconnected hubs" command
* Close tabs when releasing the mouse button
* Fix the /userlist chat command
* Revamp style settings
* Add user matching settings
* No beep on ctrl+A in some text-boxes
* Improve list filters, add one to filter search results
* Fix a possible crash on parital list removal from the queue
* Fix removal of same ADC users logged into multiple hubs when they go offline
* Plug memory leaks in list and tree controls
* Switch to Boost.Atomic to solve freezes
* Safer updating of the finished transfer window
* Load file lists in a separate thread