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DC++ 0.801

By DC++  (Open Source)
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* Prevent crashes on heavy use by updating Boost.Atomic
* Revamp favorite hub settings
* Reduce resource consumption when slots are full
* Make PM windows more aware of the selected hub
* Don't choke on hub addresses with spaces
* Update OpenSSL to version 1.0.1c
* Fix a mixup between IPs and hostnames leading to wrong search results
* Tweak help tooltips in the settings dialog
* Make the menu bar hideable
* Add a /info hub command
* Fix glitches with the file list loader
* Correct download logging after an app restart
* Replace option to disable ADC C-C TLS with one to require it
* Fix disabled buttons in user matching settings
* Do not automatch queue for bad/removed sources
* Minor DL queue tab fixes
* Replace the slot up-down control by a context menu
* Fix upload log format for partial lists
* Fix GUI problems in a download attempt of a public hublist with invalid address
* Fix unsuccessful HTTP redirections
* Avoid deadlocks when changing user matchings
* Improve performance when selecting lots of lines in lists
* Exclude temporary downloads from queue dupe check
* Greatly improve user command removal time when closing a hub
* Add plugin API
* [dwt] Add a link control
* Allow Magnet links to be pasted in the "Quick connect" box
* Rise the minislot size to 512 KiB
* More Alt+I shortcuts for list filters
* Increase the chat buffer limit
* Eliminate GUI freezes when opening large file lists
* Remove the search spy in favor of the dev plugin - works on ADC too
* Fix partial list browsing after loading an old full list
* Add QP support
* Grant extra slot hangs connection in ADC hubs
* Fix a crash when parsing messages with Magnet links
* Fix a crash in Windows 8
* Update Boost to version 1.51
* Merge 2 identical active mode settings
* Fix NAT-PMP renewal
* Remember list sorting & splitter positions
* Fix help tooltips in Windows 8
* Fix GeoIP & OpenSSL problems with wide character paths
* Automatically mark sources of large files as bad if the full tree is not available
* Documentation and translations updated as usual