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DC++ 0.762

By DC++  (Open Source)
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* Stability improvement related to menus
* [L#539992] Shell menus for directories when browsing own file list
* Parse separators in titles of user command param boxes
* Fix painting issues with /clear
* Smooth text-box menus
* Add user commands to the chat menu
* OpenSSL 0.9.8n - defends against a remote crash
* [L#548743] Fix broken share regression on non-Windows systems
* Fix 'Share hidden files' checkbox value saved to a wrong setting
* [L#562099] Fix encoding problems
* [L#556011] Respect the font style in chat windows
* [L#551319] Add %[fileMN] to user command params
* Magnet links are now produced with a size (xl) param
* [L#505450] Extend %[line:] to create combo boxes
* Compilation fixes for OpenSolaris
* Help updates
* [L#550300] Fix a possible file corruption
* [L#551184] Fix unnecessary move of downloaded filelists
* [L#556853] Fix sharing a whole drive (root folder) was impossible in random cases
* [L#559544] Don't clear multiline boxes with Ctrl+Alt+A
* [L#545264] Correct ADC hub counts
* Add an "Elapsed" column in finished transfer windows
* [L#539841] Network settings arrangements
* [L#556799] Fix positioning and possible queue problems with downloaded file lists
* Refresh open file lists when they are being opened again