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DivX Play 9.1.0

By DivX Team  (Freeware)
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* All Components:
- Updated to QT 4.8 for UI
- DivX 9.1 no longer works on Mac OS X 10.5
* Converter:
- "Rotation" support for +/-90°, 180° for portrait videos from mobile phones
- "My Presets" feature for saving custom profiles
- "Pass-Through Video" option
- Easily change order of videos by drag-and-drop.
- Drag-and-drop adding of subtitles
- Encode progress tracked in task bar for Windows 7
- Support for SSA and ASS subtitles
- Audio settings grouped together in Audio tab
* Player:
- Improved playback core for faster startup and stability
- Removed support for DivX Ultra profile.
* Web Player
- DivX Plus adaptive streaming support
- New Black Skin
* DivX Media Server:
- MKV support for XboX, PS3, and Android devices
- Ability to view a list of devices clients connected
- Ability to view shared filenames with corresponding icon
* Fixed:
- Issue for WBShop bundle download
- Improved TS file conversion capabilities
- Improved Converter response to cancel button
- DivX Media Server playback for particular MPEG/MP4 file
- DivX Media Server improved first time detection robustness
- DivX Media Server improved ability to add new folders
- DivX Media Server scanning of .dll files are now skipped
- DivX Media Server crash on Mountain Lion 10.8.2
- Auto-update for Mac (now same as Windows)