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Duplicati 1.3.4

By Kenneth Skovhede  (Open Source)
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- Added: Translation for zn-HK which is Chinese, Hongkong.
- Added: Russian translation. (Thanks to Philip Torchinsky)
- Added: Commands for command line can be exported from UI.
When you create a new backup job or edit an existing one, on the last page of the assistant you will get a tab that shows you the command to run the same job from a command line.
- Fixed: Restore to a new machine also restored paths from the old machine.
- Fixed: Better detection of invalid filenames.
- Fixed: Crash when source folders contained no files.
- Fixed: snapshot-policy=auto and usn-policy=auto now work properly.
- Fixed: Restore crashed when advanced option --force was set.
- Fixed: Improved the way settings override eachother.
- Fixed: Installer now creates a desktop shortcut.
- Fixed: Possible cause for "Error: The manifest file ... indicates that there should be x volumes, but the file list indicates y" with SSH backend fixed.
- Fixed: Exit code is always "0".