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By Greenshot  (Open Source)

# Bugs resolved:
* Capture problems since update to Windows 8.1 with multiple displays
* Box upload failed since 1.1.8
* Unreported: The greenshot.ini values "NoGDICaptureForProduct" and "NoDWMCaptureForProduct" had incorrect defaults, which might cause issues with some applications when using the auto capture mode.
# Features:
* Added the possibility to replace characters/strings when a pattern is used, to have more control over the resulting filename. E.G. ${title:r ,_} will cause all the spaces to be replaced by underscores.
* The amount of colour which images are reduce to, if the setting is active, has been made configurable in the greenshot.ini property OutputFileReduceColorsTo. Default stays at 256,
* Adding a newline when exporting to Word or an open Outlook email, this makes it possible to repeat exports.
# Changes:
* Flickr plug-in: from June 27th, 2014 Flickr will only accept uploads via HTTPS! As the switch is already possible Greenshot has been changed accordingly.
# Languages:
* Updated the French translation for the Microsoft Office plug-in