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Growl 2.0

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By Growl for Windows  (Freeware)
Latest Version
Growl 2.0.9

# New or improved features:

* Supports new GNTP (Growl Notification Protocol) for cross-platform compatibility
* Supports images in notifications
* Supports playing sounds when notifications are received
* Supports sending callbacks when a notification is clicked/closed
* Keyboard shortcuts for closing last notification and closing all notifications
* History feature that records all notifications
* Missed notifications summary
* Bonjour support enables automatic discovery of other Growl instances on your network (PC or Mac)
* Forward notifications to iPhone, email, and Twitter
* Notification forwarding can now be configured on a per-application or per-notification basis
* Improved UI with smoother notification fades and animation
* Integrated with tons of apps
* Available in multiple languages
* Command line interface for sending notifications from scripts
* Libraries available for sending notifications from a variety of programming lanugage
* Complete developer SDK for creating custom displays
* 100% free and open-source