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Inno Setup 5.5.4

By Jordan Russell  (Open Source)
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* Added the Windows 8.1 "compatibility" section to the various manifest resources used by Inno Setup. This enables any check for the operating system version to get the real version number (6.3) instead of getting the same version number as it did in Windows 8 (6.2).
* Compiler IDE: Added new option: Show line numbers in gutter (default: off).
* Pascal Scripting changes:
- Added new event function CurInstallProgressChanged, which you can use to monitor progress while Setup is extracting files, creating shortcuts, creating INI entries, and creating registry entries.
- WizardForm.BeveledLabel visibility is now automatically handled even if its caption was set from [Code].
* Unicode [Code] based on RemObjects Pascal Script Git commit 538905910852bcbeef646f26592a973d15d3d5ec.
* Minor tweaks.