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IsoBuster 3.5 Beta

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By Smart Projects  (Shareware)

# Changes / New:
* 64-bit sector addressing so that we can properly show, extract and support any partition, file, folder or file system above the 2TB boundary
* Most objects (files, folders etc), despite the 64-bit address instead of the 32-bit address, now use less memory because of intense work and serious optimizations
* Saving and updating of managed image files, especially for huge drives, is considerably made faster, and yet kept backwards compatible
* Ability to load a generic image file (*.iso, *.dks, *.flp) with specified properties on the command line: /IPROP:header|blocksize (e.g. /IPROP:100|2048)
* Ability to extract CD segments as *.WAV file (Gives you the power to wrap any raw CD data in WAVE RIFF headers)
# Improvements:
* A plethora of improvements to properly 'guess' the size of an El Torito boot image on CD or DVD, in case that information is not present in the data structures
* Show how the size was determined in the Boot Image file Properties window
* Improvements to try an find FAT file systems inside Boot Images on CD and DVD
* Implemented ability to (via right mouse click) find a matching file for a Boot Image and use that file's size properties
* Changed 'Last LBA' display to take the last block of the last extent that actually has a size (in case the last one(s) ha(s)(ve) no size)
* A great number of improvements and workarounds to deal with CD-i discs that have audio and data combined in one track. Because it is an illegal state many drives return unexpected data for such discs
* Save the status more often while making or completing managed image files. More saves as more problems are encountered
* Display the address where the process 'Completing IBP/IBQ Image' was aborted in the 'test and complete managed image files' dialog.
* Ability to create one big IBQ file instead of ~1GB (or otherwise defined) sized IBQ files (will only work on NTFS volumes)
* The From-To dialog can now also extract *.WAV (via checkbox) from CD
* Extracting an audio track to WAV or BIN/ISO will now happen including the pre-gap of the next audio track, default set in options
* Work around Windows issue with downloaded CHM files by removing the "Zone Identifier" stream from the CHM file that was added by Windows after download.
* Memory and speed improvements in the management of the erroneous-sectors-bitmap
* Various other smaller GUI improvements
# Fixes:
* Show the correct Last LBA for an Audio track
* GUI fix that properly shows what track is being completed during the completion of a managed IBP/IBQ image file