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XBMC Media Center 12.2

By Kodi  (Open Source)
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- XBMC now supports using OSX’s default output device for audio as well as hardware decoding with Intel GPUs in OSX
- XBMC no longer hogs audio for Linux and on resume audio will continue to work in Linux
- Full iPhone 5 resolution is now enabled
- Volume buttons on Android devices now control Android volume, rather than XBMC volume
- Volume buttons on OSX devices once again control OSX volume, rather than XBMC volume
- Player optimization on the Raspberry Pi, including more efficient playback, better subtitle support, and many crash fixes
- iOS 6 support on the AppleTV 2.
- XBMC does not crash when listed on the AppleTV top shelf
- Added support for additional Xbox 360 controller types
- Broader and more intelligent support for CEC devices
- Fixed problems with several addons due to broken binary read/write in our python interface
- Language fixes, including 7 new languages: Albanian, Burmese, Malay, Persian (Iran), Tamil (India), Uzbek, Vietnamese
- AirPlay fixes, including making discovery of XBMC more reliable on OSX
- Numerous crashing and stability fixes across all platforms