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Macrium Reflect 5.2.6526

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# New:
* Windows PE drivers
- When creating the WinPE rescue media, specific drivers that could cause Windows PE to crash at startup are now excluded.
* USB rescue media
- Flash media drives formatted using 'USB-ZIP' are now supported
# Bug Fixes:
* ReDeploy
- Win8/8.1 redeploy failed with some mass storage drivers. This has been resolved.
* Pre-snapshot user script problem
- The VSS snapshot could begin before the "_before_snapshot_wait.bat" script had completed. This has been resolved
* Extended partition support
- Improved compatibly with non-sequential, Linux configured, extended partition layouts.
* PE 5 Auto restore
- When restoring a Windows system partition from within Windows the auto boot into PE 5 would not be available. This has been resolved.
* Encrypted NTFS filesystem clone
- Clones including encrypted NTFS filesystems could fail. This has been resolved

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