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Macrium Reflect 5.3.7220

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By Paramount Software UK Ltd  (Non-Commercial Freeware)

# New:
* Server Edition - SQL Log truncation
* Allow for selective deletion of Microsoft SQL Server logs after backup.
* Server Edition - Exchange Log truncation
* Allow for selective deletion of Microsoft Exchange logs after backup.
* File & Folder Search
* File and Folder Search will now only prompt once for a password if multiple backup files are selected.
* Server Plus - New features
> Backup, restore and mailbox restore functionality has been added for Exchange Server 2013.
> Users can now right click mail items and export them as text or EML file.
> Email items can be viewed by double clicking them, along with attachment save option.
> Users can now verify Exchange backup sets.
> Users can now mount Exchange backups for file access.
> Mailbox restore read of items has been greatly increased.
> Mailbox restore now shows progress of transaction log file replay into the database during mount.
# Bug Fixes:
* Partition scan issue
> Some customers reported a crash dump when scanning the partitions on disks. This has been resolved.
* ReDeploy issue
> An instance was reported of ReDeploy not working with LSI 3ware 9000 Series RAID drivers. This has been resolved.
* Clone & Restore issue
> Clone or restore processes could fail if the backup file bitmap size was reported incorrectly. This has been resolved.
* Shell Extension Comment issue
> The Macrium Reflect shell extension was not showing multi-line comments correctly. This has been resolved.
* Server Plus Bug Fixes
> The Exchange VSS Replication Writer would occasionally be incorrectly misidentified as the main Exchange VSS Writer.
> The mailbox restore UI was incorrectly not selecting child folder content for restore.
> The mailbox restore UI was occasionally displaying incorrect percentage values when reading folder content.
> The mailbox restore UI was showing incorrect cumulative folder item counts.
> Various minor issues with mailbox restore filter UI were discovered during further development.
> Mounted Exchange backup files did not have the unmount option.
> Cancelling the restore process during database dismount would cause a crash.