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Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

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# Features
* Press Boss key to mute the page
* Address bar Domain Highlighting
* Developer Tools in Retro mode(IE8 and Above)
* Underlying network module support Proxy Authentication
# Improvements:
* Optimized the browser shut down logic when downloading a task
* Optimized Address bar Matching Logic
* Optimized page prompt dialog box Display
* Optimized HTML5 Shared Worker Characteristics Implementation
* Optimized Automatic Update
* Improved Magic Fill
# Fixes
* Main Frame
- Fixed Main interface location problem when preview in the taskbar window
- Fixed Main window problems when using Dual Display
- Fixed Quick Application icon display errors
* Webkit
- Fixed Change the Color of Visited Links
- Fixed problem that download file is not complete but prompts the success
- Fixed the text content is garbled when Copy in download manager
- Fixed the page displays problem when logging in the page
- Fixed the alert dialogs pop up many times from the page
- Fixed the Flash game couldn't be clicked on