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Maxthon Cloud Browser Beta

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# New Features:
* Use QR code to share pages
# Optimization
* Optimized display effect on opening page in Quick Access
* Optimized display of Magic Fill drop-down menu
* Optimized the sync of SkyNote
* Optimized Sidebar, Toolbar and Search box loading performance
# Fixes:
* Main Frame
- Fixed some interface display problems
- Fixed Scrollbar didn't display in Favorites
- Fixed browser proxy authentication problems on some web services
- Fixed some problems caused by locking tabs
- Enhanced the copy of a selected address bar URL
* Webkit Core
- Fixed drag and drop to upload files to some websites problem
- Fixed display problems on some websites
- Fixed inability to drag and drop a screenshot in touch Screen
- Fixed Proxy Authentication Box saved Form problems
- Fixed inability to display link underline in some webpages
- Fixed problems occurred when using SkyDrive Web App
- Fixed Mouse scrolling freeze over a Flash content
- Improved Webkit Stability