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MediaInfo 0.7.71

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By SARL  (Open Source)

* AS-11 (Core, Segmentation, UK DPP items) display
* MXF: support of TTML (SMPTE ST 2052) detection
* MXF: option --File_Mxf_TimeCodeFromMaterialPackage for using the time code track from Material package instead of Source package (CLI/DLL only)
* Duration in HH:MM:SS:FF format (hidden by default)
* AVC: detection of Intra profiles
* MXF: both Material and Source package time codes are displayed
* MPEG-TS: more information for Teletext subtitle e.g. "For hearing impaired people"
* Detecting sidecar XML files for captions (e.g. TTML/DFXP), option for CLI and Lib
* AVC and HEVC: colour_range information (Limited/Full), thanks to Vittorio Giovara
* OP-47/SDP/Teletext: detection of magazine numbers
* MOV/MPEG-4: basic support of iTunMOVI tag
* MOV/MPEG-4: support of track title and few other track related tags
* MOV/MPEG-4: detection of Dolby E in a stereo track
* AVC: using the first pic_struct as fallback for scan order if other methods fail, thanks to Smit for the idea
* IMF: better compatibility with packages from different vendors
* PBCore 2.0 technical metadata output option, thanks to Dave Rice
* WMV: Time code track and value of first frame display, sponsored by AVCOM
* MPEG Video: Open/Closed GOP status
* HEVC: Support of Pixel Aspect Ratio in VUI, thanks to Kurtnoise
* SMPTE ST 331: wrong channel positions
* B872, MOV: StreamOrder field was wrong in case of chapter references
* More coherency between the File interface and the By buffer interface
* Matroska: wrong dection of video/audio delay in case of B-frames before the first I-frame
* Time code striped/not striped information is moved from "Format_Settings" to "TimeCode_Striped"
* SMPTE ST 337: infinite loop during scanning of some non ST 337 streams
* MP4/MOV: Using less data during detection of Dolby E hidden in a PCM track
* Matroska: some crashs after file name of attachments update
* MXF: MXF time code track was not displayed with some compilation options (e.g. the default Windows build)