Download MediaInfo 0.7.85

MediaInfo 0.7.85

By SARL  (Open Source)
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* FFV1: ScanType and ScanOrder
* Detection of Omneon VBI and move of the VBI track from Video part to Others part
* N19/STL: Support of etection of less standard frame rates (23.976 and 29.970)
* Teletext in MPEG-TS: Teletext not subtitle moved to "Other" part
* Teletext in MPEG-TS: display of CodecID and timestamp of first frame
* Teletext in MXF: some IDs were wrong (when there are more than one Teletext service)
* MPEG-4/MOV: default of raw audio to Signed in case of stsd atom version <2
* MPEG Video: some CEA-608/708 captions were not correctly detected due to some packets discarded by the parser with interlaced content
* MPEG-4/MOV: Dolby E with 2 or more audio services were not correctly reported

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