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MediaPortal 1.9.0

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By Team MediaPortal  (Open Source)

# Bug
* MiniDisplay lags without TV server connection
* Startup delay resume setting are not used correctly and handling multiple POWERBROADCAST signal.
* KnownExtensions.xml increases in size when 'refresh update info' is run in MPEI
* Screensaver is enabled by default but no default Idle action is configured
* #TV.View.remaining doesn't work
* The poll interval of the PowerScheduler Ping Monitor is not synchronized to the PowerScheduler's poll interval
* Flickering the home when return to home after resume
* Allow update subfolder settings after parent folder setting is changed - not working
* Music Player does not play MOD files
* In some cases TV schedules that have been cancelled still record
* Backing out of Pictures full screen freezes MP
* Keyboard shortcuts missing for radio EPG
* MiniDisplay EQ Visualizer broken
* Bump version number and set log level to INFO for MP 1.9.0 Final