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# Bug
- Flickering VU-Meter
- Cannot jump to starting letters correctly using SMS keyboard in coverflow view
- Aspect ratio information shown for some videos is incorrect
- Playing song from share + LAN disconnect throws annoying popup which need confirmation for every single song
- When typing a password with the virtual keyboard, the SMS style is disabled.
- TVService ignores shutdown
- The 'Stop Record' button brings up the 'delete recording' dialog
- Start with 0-9 missing in TV search
- Selecting 'Current Playlist' in MyMusic opens hidden menu
- Recording file name is not properly checked for forbidden characters.
- Delay Start of RefreshStatus Thread
- FireDTVVerboseLog configuration option is not use anywhere
- BASS Engine can make MediaPortal crash (Mixer Dispose)
- Last.FM plugins (both) should be disabled after clean or upgrade install
- Video Database Scan crashes
- Fix Back Up icon on wrong position
- LastFMRadio uses wrong path for the enable/disable icon which results in Config error
- LoadSkin reports false threading errors
- MP get stuck if it start on NowPlaying (only happen when ShowLastActiveModule is used)
- DVD menus of some disks are not rendered properly (black screen) until user navigates the menu
- BASS_ERROR_START when selecting a 2nd song while 1st is paused
- When playback of a song fails, you get an annoying popup for EVERY song left in the playlist
- Memory leak in bass_vis
- Fix and support Full-HD SBS TAB 3D
- Fix regression introduce in MP1-4197 (IPTV URL)
- Windows plugins aren't sorted anymore after blow windowsplugin
- Music Share View: Default Folder (set in Config) replaces Previous Folder
- EXIF rotation not working properly
- Overflow in DVBSubtiles decoder on small packets
- Update MediaInfo to v0.7.67
- Show Song dialog windows while playing music with Picture slideshow is broken
- Syncronize the WakeUpSrv(string newFolderName) method in windows plugins
- BD ISO are not unmounted when video is ended
- Chapter are not updated when changing edition stream (MKV)
- Do not allow dialogs to be created during suspend Process
- MP always crashes after wakeup from standby audio device lead to exception
- Refresh rate doesn't reset to default when using external player
- dialogFileStacking.xml is missing from DefaultWide
- PluginManager logs exception as Info instead of Error
- SMS text entry to navigate views only picks up first letter
# Improvement/Rework
- Remove audio unmute from PowerScheduler
- Remove UseCaptureCard Configurations from Mediaportal.sln

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