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# Features/Changes:
* [x264] added 10 bit encoding support. This must be enabled through the MeGUI settings if you want to use it.
* [x264] disabled direct mp4 output as the official builds do not have this support enabled anymore.
* [x264] therefore introduced external muxer job feature for the x264 encoder (only MKV & MP4). Can be changed through the MeGUI settings.
* [x264] forced to use external mp4 muxer in any case
# Enhancements/Fixes:
* [Aften] do not log progress messages
* [Audio Encoder] added 32000 Hz as Sample Rate.
* [Audio Encoder] added TimeStretch support.
* [AviSynth] only load portable DirectShowSource.dll if portable mode is used
* [AVS Script Creator] + [OneClick] aligned resolution calculation of both tools
* [AVS Script Creator] changed default mod value to 8
* [AVS Script Creator] fixed a crash when opening first a smaller (width/height) and then a bigger input file
* [Chapter Creator] automatically preselect chapter file name
* [Log] changed format of some date/times
* [Log] improved avs log information
* [M2TS Muxer] added A_LPCM as Audio Codec ID for WAV/PCM files.
* [Main] improved Windows 7/8 support. Added .NET 4.5.1 and Windows 8.1 detection
* [MainForm] show avs script errors.
* [MediaInfo] added Bits Depth information in the log
* [MediaInfo] enhanced handling of incorrect avs files.
* [MediaInfo] ignore phantom audio tracks
* [MediaInfo] use 23.976 instead of 99 as default value if fps cannot be determined
* [MP4 Muxer] added TTXT Subtitles Files support.
* [MP4 Muxer] default GPAC string will be erased
* [OneClick] A_MS/ACM (PCM) audio tracks in MKV files will be extracted with eac3to
* [OneClick] added option to set a language by default if it cannot be determined
* [OneClick] fixed "close after Go!" in batch mode
* [OneClick] fixed adding only the first track when using File\Open in the main window.
* [OneClick] fixed internal chapters wrongly detected in VOB files
* [OneClick] improved AddBorders calculation for AviSynth 2.6
* [Opus] allow max bitrate up to 512 Kbps.
* [Opus] raised default bitrate to 96 Kbps
* [QAAC] added "no delay" feature
* [Queue] open input/output files/folders and in any job state (right click on the job queue)
* [Settings] sort the default languages alphabetically
* [Update] fixed grammar/spelling errors
* [Update] update server will not be changed during every update check
* [x264] added --stitchable option (requires x264 revision 2345+)
* [x264] allow max bitrate up to 300000 Kbps instead of 100000 Kbps
* [x264] fixed wrong number format of the zone modifier in same cases
* [x264] if --bluray-compat is used without a BluRay device selected:
--bframes is restricted to 3
--open-gop is not forced anymore
--ref is restricted to 6
--slices 4 is not forced anymore
--weightp is restricted to 0 or 1

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