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mIRC 7.42

By mIRC Co Ltd  (Shareware)
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- Fixed tokenization bug related to strtok()'s use of an internal static varible.
- Fixed script error line number bug that was causing line number not to be reported in some contexts.
- Updated libraries to PCRE v8.37 and OpenSSL 1.0.1p.
- Fixed SSL certificate change warning bug that caused warnings to be displayed for valid certificates.
- Fixed /filter output to nul not working.
- Updated voice command support to work with newer versions of Windows.
- Extended /server to handle passwords with spaces.
- Changed drag-drop to only set focus on a window once a file has been dropped onto it.
- Fixed /play dialog not allowing long filenames to be typed into filename editbox.
- Fixed file dialog bug that prevented typing a folder name into the filename editbox to change into that folder.
- Fixed /exit bug that caused settings to be saved incorrectly when used in some contexts.
- Added $encode()/$decode() 'a' switch for base32 encoding.
- Added $hmac(text|&binvar|filename, key, hash, 0|1|2) identifier.
- Added $hotp(key, count, hash, digits) identifier.
- Added support for IRCv3 message tags and $msgtags(tag|N) identifier.
- Added on PARSELINE event that allows scripts to modify incoming/outgoing server messages.
- Fixed Event Beeps beep value not being applied resulting in repeated beeping during a flash event.
- Other changes and bug fixes.