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NetDrive 2.5.3

By Bdrive Inc.  (Commercial Trial)
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- ADDED: Preserve file timestamp when using FTP server which supports MFMT command
- ADDED: Log rotation (max. 2 files each 10MB)
- ADDED: More debug info when mounting drives
- CHANGED: Download buffer size increased to 512K
- FIXED: WebDAV issue with file name handling
- FIXED: WebDAV timestamp handling
- FIXED: SFTP Issue encoding characters with diacritic
- FIXED: Installation issue with Vista/Windows 7 VirtualStore
- FIXED: Issue when handling files with same full path on different drives
- FIXED: Issue with anti-virus softwares when uploading
- FIXED: Issue with cache when there is less than specified cache space
- FIXED: Issue with cache folder which having non-alphanumeric characters
- SDK: Client id and redirect_url can be set to OneDrive for Business
- NOTE: You can quit running NetDrive instance usig tray icon. Right click on it and click 'quit'.