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Notepad++ 4.0.1

By Notepad++  (Open Source)
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v4.0.1 fixed bugs (from v4.0) :
- Fix the crash issue of opening of file name length > 63.
- Fix the crash issue under w98.
- Fix the shortcut name bug in shortcut mapper.
- Fix ASP syntax highlighting problem.
- Fix 2 context menu items issue after the installation by installer.
- Enhance the NSIS language support.

FunctionList Plugin 1.1 :
- Fix the bug of wrong toolbar stat while closing Function List dialog by X button.
- Fix C++ "operator[]" recognition
- Fix Pascal method recognition
- Add TCL support

Explorer Plugin 1.01 :
- Fix the font display bug.
- Fix open of favorite folders in explorer when explorer is not open

HexEditor Plugin 0.6 :
- Fix display problems and the extension recognition bug.