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Apache OpenOffice 4.0.1

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# Improvements/Enhancements
* The performance for saving XLS files was boosted by more than 230%.
# Bug Fixes
* Crash when switching sidebar panes
* Crash with certain extensions
* Crash on Microsoft Windows with text in complex scripts
* Crash when deleting footnotes
* Loading *.123 files
* Rendering of charts with many data points
* Image rendering on Mac OS X
* Python compatibility has been improved
* Fixes to make C# extensions work
* Error on user profile migration regarding updating bundled extensions
* Error on opening Microsoft Office documents created in Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote)
* HTML export losing paragraph formatting
* Crashes on PDF export in Writer's Page Preview
* Crashes in Writer when deleting content which had been copied to the clipboard
* Error/Crashes on importing Microsoft Word documents
* No possible keyboard text selection in Writer's text frames
* Lost database connection in text documents on save - related to Mail Merge
* Errors in Calc's filter functions
* Calculation error in IMABS() function
* Formatting error of boolean values in Calc
* Repaint errors in Calc which showed double lines and white stripes
* Various fixes/improvements for SVG files
* Fixed and improved visualization of transformed bitmap graphics for Linux
* Fix to exporting a bitmap graphic with a given pixel size
* Fixed Copy/Paste clipboard handling for transporting bitmap images (e.g. drag & drop or copy/paste from browser)
* Fixed Microsoft Windows-specific performance task with very large bitmaps, enhanced buffering for all systems
* Repaired some modes of text editing for graphic objects where the text was not always readable
* Fix to import of user-defined connector changes
* Corrected line width for anchor visualization in Writer
* Fixed EMF/WMF reader for some critical cases to enhance the import quality
# Additional Language Support
* Basque (eu)
* Khmer (km)
* Lithuanian (lt)
* Polish (pl)
* Serbian Cyrillic (sr)
* Swedish (sv)
* Chinese (zh-TW)
* Turkish (tr)
* Vietnamese (vi)
# Updated translations
* Asturian (ast)
* Czech (cs)
* Dutch (nl)
* English (en_GB)
* Finnish (fi)
* French (fr)
* Galician (gl)
* German (de)
* Greek (el)
* Italian (it)
* Japanese (ja)
* Portuguese (pt)
* Portuguese (pt-BR)
* Russian (ru)
* Slovak (sk)
* Spanish (es)
* Tamil (ta)
# Updated Dictionaries
* English (en-US, en-*)
* Gaelic (gd)
* French (fr)
* Italian (it)
* Spanish (es)