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Opera 32.0.1948.69

By Opera Software  (Freeware)
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- Update Chromium on desktop-stable-45-1948 to 45.0.2454.93
- [Mac 10.11] Back/Forward buttons look far apart
- [Mac 10.7] Bookmarks in bookmarks bar not displayed
- Opera crashes when downloading file when “nynorsk” is set as language
- Tab preview doesn’t work if page is scrolled
- [Mac] Decrease width of Back & Forward toolbar buttons
- [Mac] Dragging window out to external display crashes Opera
- [Mac] File -> New tab resizes browser window
- [Mac 10.11] System font is using Times, not the system font
- Opera crashes after adding youtube url to bookmarks
- Crash when renaming SD folder created in Bookmarks Manager
- Using Shift + Del inside Trash folder crashes renderer
- [Discover] Endless fetching loop on scarce categories
- [Mac] Network Installer always uses Hel