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Changes since Opera 9.6 Beta 1
User Interface

* Speed Dial thumbnails no longer disappear when deleting private data
* Page encoding in site preferences can now be reset to automatic
* Changed the default global history to 1000
* Added a new default speedial.ini
* Improvements to Opera Link include the synchronization of search engines and typed history
* Fixed sorting by progress in Transfers
* Fixed copying of multiple entries from the history manager
* Fixed a bug that could cause notes to be lost when using certain characters
* Fixed dataloss situation when note folders had more than one line in their name
* Fixed spurious highlighting when using the space character in inline find
* Fixed an issue that would prevent links in frames from being opened by the keyboard
* Fixed error pages when entering an unknown protocol
* Fixed an issue where custom search engines would not get a favicon

Mail, News, Chat

* Added popular Chinese providers in mailproviders.xml
* Now copes better with broken POP servers that send empty UIDLs
* The "Large font" setting is now respected for subjects
* Cache files from feeds no longer show up in Transfers
* Feed preview pages now load properly when reopened from trash
* Text strings on the feed preview page can now be localized
* Added a fallback feed title for feeds without titles and added a handheld style sheet to the feeds preview
* Feeds are now detected even when served as text/html
* Fixed the synchronization of removed labels for IMAP accounts
* Fixed an issue where the signatures wouldn't change if the default account signature ended with a space
* Fixed an issue where sent message bodies could disappear under certain circumstances
* Fixed a problem where messages would be reported as incomplete when the server reports the wrong message size
* Fixed importing of files with LF line endings only
* Fixed an issue where followed contacts would not be properly unfollowed
* Fixed an issue where only the first followed contact would be shown in the Followed Contacts access point
* Fixed an issue where the Followed Thread icon would be lost after restart
* Fixed Quick Find in feeds
* Fixed an issue where feed titles were truncated before ":" characters
* Fixed an issue where feed status could get stuck on fetching
* Fixed an issue where only a few feed itmes would be fetched
* Fixed DCC transfers in IRC

Display and Scripting

* Special characters are now displayed properly in the Address bar drop-down
* Opera Dragonfly element highlighting no longer stays on the page after closing the developer tools window
* Script focused elements are no longer highlighted
* Fixed saving of SVG when right clicking


* Verisign and Comodo are now formally EV-enabled: see Yngve's blog post
* Fixed an issue where specially crafted addresses could execute arbitrary code, as reported by Chris of Matasano Security; see our advisory
* Java applets can no longer be used to read sensitive information, as reported by Nate McFeters; see our advisory


* Browsing Intranet sites now works after changing proxies in a running session
* Improved performance with large wand.dat files
* Fixed Fast Forward on Google search results pages

Windows-specific changes

* Fixed a bug where network paths that start with \\ would not work, which in particular caused issues with sent mail when storing profiles on network drives
* Fixed installation problems on Windows NT 4.0