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Password Safe 3.31

By Rony Shapiro  (Open Source)
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# New Features
- Turkish translation added.
# Changes to Existing Features
- Autotype now supports URL and email fields with \l and \m, respectively.
- Improved selection of subset of password: characters can be specified from the end of the password as well as from the beginning.
# Bugs fixed
- Fixed typos in online help.
- Fixed typos in file format description text.
- Correct suffix appended to proposed filename when exporting to XML.
- Ampersand (&) is handled correctly in Password Policy.
- Compare DB results context menu items now enabled correctly in Read Only.
- Preferences that are stored in the database are colored blue again.
- Unknown database preferences are preserved.
- Minor issues related to password policy options.
- Password history date is now displayed in locale's format in entry's Additional tab.
- Expand entry's autotype value in Run Command's $a parsing.
- Don't report URL as copied to clipboard when it isn't.
- Opening a protected entry no longer causes a sound in Windows.